Rhino Lining Removal

Dry ice blasting with Yeti Blasting provides a way to remove even solid epoxy-type coatings like Rhino Lining with the minimum possible secondary clean-up – where typical coating removal can involve large amounts of liquid or chemicals.

Using a second blast tank in unison with our primary machines, we introduce an abrasive (non silica) media like crushed glass that we drip into our dry ice process at a very low rate to penetrate the Rhino Lining. This allows the dry ice to get below the surface and expand; lifting the adherent from the substrate.

A careful blend of mix-media, applied correctly, has the effect of chiseling the Rhino Lining from the surface to expose what is underneath. And it’s effective for both overspray, and for direct, deliberate application removal.


Roselawn, OH

In 1973, this [now] vintage Maserati had Ziebart applied straight out of the factory.
Fifty years on, the new owner wanted to remove Ziebart, but maintain the paint on the undercarriage where possible.

Cold Jet, the world’s largest ice blasting equipment manufacturer, asked if they could shoot a video of us achieving this.

The Ziebart came off entirely, and revealed not red, but original (surprise) white paint underneath!

Usually, Ziebart removal means heat guns, scraping, chemicals, and a lot of time. The body shop believe we saved them 100 hours of labor, just on the Ziebart removal – not including some minor surface rust removal on the rotors and other components.