Engine Bay Detailing, OH

Milford, OH

On location at our Milford, OH ice blasting lab we custom clean engine bays for concourse. Typically tied-in to an overall cleaning of wheel wells, engine bay, and undercarriage, our full service clean can leave a historic or custom vehicle show-ready.

This barn find Porsche 944 was deep cleaned with zero disassembly and chemicals, then returned to its owner in one day. One of the chief benefits of dry ice blasting a classic or high value car is that we can complete an ultra high detail cleaning with no liquids, and with no grit left behind.

Not only does this leave the engine and undercarriage in show-ready condition and concourse clean, but helps maintain vehicle integrity and increase the lifespan of original parts.

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I can honestly say I have never witnessed a more dramatic cleaning/detailing/transformation of a vehicle in my entire life. These photos are from my 1986 911 Turbo. James and his team of professionals managed to make the underside of my old Turbo look new in half a day. I was absolutely thrilled with the results, and am having 3 more vintage cars "shot" by them as well. The yellow and red markings in the pictures are factory inspection marks applied in Germany (with paint) on the assembly line 34+ years ago. Yeti's dry ice cleaning process revealed them hidden below years of grime WITHOUT disturbing them. Simply incredible. The fact that this service is available for a reasonable price in the midwest is truly remarkable. Bravo to Yeti, they are the best in the business.


Highly detailed cleaning is achievable without chemicals and liquids when you work with a professional dry ice blasting automotive technician.

Our unique cleaning service is tailored to every individual person and vehicle. Not every customer wants the same outcome even for the same vehicles in their collection, even in preparation for concourse. Perhaps leaving a patina on one car, and bringing the shine back to every line of another.

Because we train and hone our skills, we’re able to clean through the interior of your vehicle, even through the dashboard, to ensure a totally clean finish inside and out from our Milford, OH facility.

While our lift cannot be moved, we can travel to your location (Indiana, Ohio, or Kentucky) and offer close to this same service where your vehicles are kept.